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°MEQU M-Warmer


Bloodstone provides the Combat Medic, EMS providers, and civilian first responders with the right equipment, at the right time to reduce preventable deaths and aid in the recovery of trauma casualties

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°MEQU °M Warmer
CE-Marked and selected as the IV Fluid Warmer of choice by the Norwegian and UK Ministry of Defence. *Pending FDA Approval.
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Pending FDA Approval
°MEQU IV Blood & Fluid °M-Warmer
Making the Critical Uncomplicated
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Bloodstone Whole Blood and °M Warmer System UAV Delivery
The Latest Hands Free Drag Litter
Includes Xtract Insulating Mattress Pad (IMP), HeatSaver, Element Protection System (EPS), X-Float, and X-Float Modules
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A ready to use irrigation device ideal for disaster and emergency response where wound care is needed.
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The Most Realistic Teaching Manikins
for Tactical Medical Training
"Family" of manikins includes, babies, toddlers, adult females, and adult males
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