Company Background

Bloodstone Division, LLC, at its core, is staffed with a dedicated veteran team inspired to make it better for the next generation of war fighter medics and EMS providers. To this end, we currently hold distribution for over 50 medical and rescue companies worldwide.

From my basement in Tennessee, I utilized my time and experience as an SF Medic to design the modules that make up the current USSOCOM TCCC CASEVAC Program.  With this experience, I then worked with Pat Thompson (former SF Medic - UK) in a life boat service center in Bergen, Norway, to design the twenty-nine modules that make up the Norwegian Pre-Hospital program. 

We vowed to make a difference to those in the field who provide point of injury care through to tactical evacuation (TACEVAC).  While serving in the military, we used to receive hundreds of medical items in boxes that invariably, were shoved into Conex containers.  This resulted in the final users having to sift through boxes of items to find what we needed.  As former SF Medics, we understood that we could do better. 

Our designs are, and will always be, modular. This design enables the final end users to customize and optimize their equipment to meet their individual missions. 

A few years ago I attended a briefing and my biggest take away was the advice given... "Move at the speed of war" 

This is our intent. 

We excel in our ability to design, procure, assemble, field and spiral develop Medical Sets, Kits, and Modules. Our team members have many years of direct and relevant past performance in the configuration management and fielding of all components that make up the US and Norwegian programs. The Bloodstone team was instrumental in the development, pricing, and winning of the Norwegian Pre-Hospital Medical Program. Bloodstone Division utilizes our extensive background of real-world experience, innovative mindset, and medical program management to customize medical sets, modules, and kits that meet requirements.

We deliver repeatable world class medical solutions on time and on budget to meet program objectives.

To our industry partners and customers, thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve, and to serve you...

The next generation.

Nous Defions

Dave Spence,