Prevention of hypothermia and early intervention are very important when it comes to survival since hypothermia is associated with high mortality among critically injured trauma patients.

 The °MEQU blood and IV fluid warmer provides a fast and easy solution to treat patients in critical situations regardless of where the injury takes place.

A new standard for blood and IV fluid warming 

Virtually no priming volume 

The compact design of the °M Warmer means, that the priming volume is only 3.5 ml so no valuable blood or fluids is wasted. 

Easy cleaning and no maintenance 

The ingenious design of the °M Warmer System means that it requires no maintenance, and the design with smooth surfaces ensures easy cleaning 

The °M Warmer System allows the user to quickly and safely administer warm blood or other IV fluids to the patient whenever needed – in a hectic trauma situation or as part of routine surgery.

°MEQU has developed a revolutionary solution for blood and IV fluid infusions. 

Unmatched ease of use 

Setting up the °M Warmer System is extremely intuitive and takes less than 30 seconds – in fact, nothing can be assembled incorrectly preventing any connection errors in a stressful situation. 

Fast and extremely efficient 

Using a patented warming technology, the °M Warmer is able to warm IV fluids, including blood, from cold to body temperature in less than 10 seconds. And the extremely efficient technology enables the system to deliver a high constant normothermic flow up to 150 ml/min. 

Warming close to the infusion site 

The °M Warmer is equipped with a unique adhesive fixation solution for securing the warmer close to the infusion site. The proximity of the actual warming to the infusion site virtually eliminates heat loss. Also, the fixation drastically reduces the risk of compromising the IV-access. 

Small, compact and mobile 

The °M Warmer is the smallest and most compact warming system on the market. It takes up very little space in the crowded treatment area and it is easy to move with the patient when needed. 




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About °MEQU 

Following a request from the Danish Defense to the Technical University of Denmark, Ulrik Krogh Andersen took on the challenge to develop an effective and portable blood and IV fluid warmer. Shortly afterwards, Ulrik founded °MEQU and since then he and the °MEQU team have made it their mission to make it possible to provide warm blood and IV fluids to any patient regardless of where the need arises. 

Passion and perserverence 

From the initial university project to retraining as paramedic and working the busy streets of NYC, Ulrik and the °MEQU team spent several years of true perseverance – of inventing, understanding, testing, failing, redesigning and testing again – to create the °M Warmer System. 

°MEQU continues to work in close collaboration with medical experts – military as well as civilian – to ensure that our solutions meet the requirements of both patients and medical professionals. 

°MEQU °M Warmer System selected as Portable Blood and IV Fluid Warmer of Choice for the Norwegian and UK Ministry of Defence