Safe Dispose


SafeDispose - Destruction at the Source

Now there’s a way to convert your facility’s sharps, pharmaceutical, infectious, trace chemotherapy, pathological and HIPAA waste material into clean air and a small amount of inert ash which then can be safely disposed of in the regular trash.

Using the Safe Dispose on-premise technology allows the facility to treat waste

at the point of generation. Using this process will immediately reduce the generator's removal expense and carbon footprint by eliminating a third-party vendor who hauls this waste to an authorized treatment facility.


Proper medical waste disposal is about reducing your liability, properly managing your waste stream, and simplifying your medical OSHA compliance requirements.


Safe Dispose has developed a patented technology which converts regulated medical waste and biohazards into clean air and an inert ash which can be discarded into the regular trash. This solution drastically reduces the amount of carbon emissions associated with the traditional method of hauling waste to an off-site treatment facility.


In North America alone it is projected to cost $3.9 billion for picking up, transporting and disposing of medical waste. Safe Dispose provides immediate relief to facilities by cutting out these costly pickups and hauling fees while delivering an average ROI of just two years or less.

Types of Medical Waste

Pharmaceutical - On-site pharmaceutical waste destruction eliminates the need for costly take-back programs.

Biohazards - Eliminating biohazards on-site removes the generator’s liability created by trucking to off site treatment facilities.

Infectious - Infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are more easily contained when destroyed at the source.

Trace Chemotherapy - Destroy on-site and eliminate the high cost and the dangers associated with handling and removal.

Controlled Substances - Provides a solution for the proper disposal of DEA controlled substances such as opioids.

Medical Records - Safely destroys patient files to comply with HIPAA without the expense and burden of separating and shredding.

  • Technology; Pyrolysis (patented US 10,688,543B)
  • Proprietary Filtering
  • Treatment Capacity;


  • SD-2 (2cubic ft)
  • SD-9 (9 cubic ft)
  • SD-21(21 cubic ft)
  • SD-27 (27cubic ft)
  • SD-40 (40 cubic ft)
  • Cycle treatment length 120 - 140 minutes
  • Treatment temperature 600 c to 1200 c

Dimensions: Request model number for dimensions

Weight: Request model number for weight

  • Power Requirements -220v -1 phase 60 Amp

Warranty: 1 year on parts & labor
Extended Warranty packages are available
Monthly leasing programs that include parts & labor for the length of the contract
Contact Bloodstone for purchase and leasing options.

All Safe Dispose units are manufactured in the USA

Please Watch the Video Below to See How it Works: