Bloodstone provides Advanced Casualty Training with Operational Realism (ACTOR) to provide the pre-hospital tactical medical providers and combat medics with the highest fidelity training model, to maximize skill retention and confidence, through high repetition on anatomically correct patient models.

This platform is suitable for refreshing perishable surgical skills with a hyper realistic training model, to build confidence in their ability to perform the procedures in all environments.

Our trainers are operational medical specialists with distinct backgrounds providing flexible training programs suited to you, the customer, your guiding medical protocols with sensitivity to cultural, ethical and religious concerns. Our training is current, relevant and applicable to the tactical, operational and hostile environments where you function. Tabletop to full mission profile training suitable for all tactical operators and medical professionals. We provide customized solutions for high risk environments inclusive of Blood Far Forward and extended field care settings. Our training can be performed at any location or at our facility located in Tampa, FL.

Using Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) with the latest research and guidelines from expert faculties, we gather the essential knowledge and skills that are passed on to the student to ensure positive patient outcomes. We combine this training with extensive experience of the instructors in delivering Tactical Medicine in hostile and austere environments. We integrate the equipment that will be available to the students into the training setting reducing the need for later familiarization training.

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Advanced Tactical and Emergency Medicine (ATEM),

We utilize modern instructional design techniques to pass knowledge, skills and practical ability on to the student, creating a unique training experience.

 Our primary focus is for personnel undergoing training, to be as prepared as they possibly can be, to deliver high quality, effective treatment to the injured, in any tactical environment be it civilian or military.

 ATEM Courses cover the entire spectrum of pre-hospital care from personnel with no prior medical training to advanced medical professionals.

 Each course utilizes the same approach and design to ensure that the different levels of the medical provider have a complementary approach and there is a clear understanding of the scope of practice and abilities at every level of care.

We are not a rigid training organization, we will adapt our courses around existing training and protocols of the host country or customer. We will conform to the governing structures under which the students operate, and we are sensitive to cultural, ethical, and religious concerns.

Bloodstone utilizes LifeCast Body Simulation and perfused ACTOR patient models to provide high quality realistic training aids. Additional resources and options are also available to our customers.

Experiences of our training team include

  • NSWC
  • International and Joint Special Operations teams
  • USMC Chemical, Biological Incident Response Force
  • US Federal Agencies 

“Custom Medical Solutions for Discerning Customers and Demanding Environments”