Power Pack

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Power Pack

Power Pack  Rechargeable Battery for the °M Warmer System

NSN # 6515-22-631-8211

Part # BSDMEQ10191

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Max Normothermic Flow Rate (input temp. of 41°F, output temp. of 96.8°F) 

150 ml/min

Max Fluid Warming Volume on One Fully Charged Power Pack(output temp. of 96.8°F)

Input temperature 41°F: 

•Power Pack: 1.5 L •Input temperature 69.8°F:•Power Pack: 3 L


Output Voltage 

21.6 V

Standard Recharge Time 

•Power Pack: 2.5 hours

Standard Charger Input Voltage

•AC Charger: 100-240 VAC

•DC Charger: 10-30 VDC

Electrical Compliance

EN 60601-1


Size: Power Pack 3.5 in (W); 7 in (L); 1.25 in (H)

Cable Length 47.25 in

Weight: Power Pack 22.9 oz

The °M Warmer System is approved for use in rotary, fixed wing, and tilt wing aircraft.


Power Pack
Power Pack