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NSN# 6530-01-674-2063

The Xtract SR is a tactical rescue solution for evacuating casualties safely and efficiently. It is ideal for operators who require a rugged, flexible stretcher which can be easily carried in operational equipment and be readily available at point of injury.

Made from the Duraelite fabric, The Xtract SR is rated to 600lbs, weighs less than 3lbs and packs to the size of a football.

Weight: 3 lbs
Dimensions (Packed): 11.5” x 5.5”
Length (unadjusted): 7’ 6”
Length (adjusted): 4’ 8”

In designing the Norwegian MOD Pre-hospital system modules members of the Bloodstone team met the requirements of the FM-5 module with the Xtract 2 (Nylon Litter portion of Xtract -SR). After successful operational testing conducted by the Norwegian Military the Xtract 2 was adopted and is currently being fielded to all Norwegian SOF, Conventional, and Home Guard units.

Also standard issue with the British Army. 

Tested and Recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association Scoring 4.5 out of 5.