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XSTAT-12, 3 Pack

XSTAT is a first-in-kind self-expanding wound dressing, FDA-cleared for rapid control of junctional and extremity wounds.

A smaller version of the groundbreaking XSTAT 30, XSTAT 12 is designed to treat life-threatening bleeding from penetrating wounds in junctional areas that may be to narrow to access with the XSTAT 30.

NSN 6510-01-657-4737

Quantity: 3 Applicators

Indications For Use:

XSTAT is a hemostatic device for the control of severe, life-threatening bleeding from junctional wounds in the groin or axilla not amenable to tourniquet application in adults and adolescents. XSTAT is a temporary device for use up to four (4) hours until surgical care is acquired. XSTAT should only be used for patients at high risk for immediate life-threatening bleeding from, hemodynamically significant (Advanced Trauma Life Support class 3 or 4 hemorrhagic shock), non-compressible junctional wounds, and when definitive care at an emergency care facility cannot be achieved within minutes. 

XSTAT is NOT indicated for use in: the thorax; the pleural cavity; the mediastinum; the abdomen; the retroperitoneal space; the sacral space above the inguinal ligament; or tissues above the clavicle.

ATTENTION: XSTAT contains rapidly expanding cellulose sponges coated with chitosan and individually marked with an X-shaped radiopaque marker.


***The XSTAT device is designated as a "Prescription Only" device, to be used by physicians and / or trained medical professionals only***