QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit® (BCK)

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The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit®, Item #539/540 contains all of the components necessary to treat and control minor to traumatic injuries. This orange, nylon kit has multiple internal pockets to contain various medical components. Zipper closure secures contents and allows for quick access. This kit is ideal for mobile or stationary applications. Contents can treat up to 6 injuries.

The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit® (BCK) includes:

•    QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE
•    Tourniquets, C-A-T(539), SOFTT-W (540)
•    Mini Compression Bandages
•    Shears, EMS-style, mini
•    Gloves, nitrile

Not all kit configurations are pictured or listed; please contact a sales representative for more details.

QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit® (BCK)
QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit® (BCK)