CS-1 Prolonged Field Care Pack (PFC-P)

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Prolonged Field Care Pack (PFC-P)

The Casualty Sustainment 1 Module (CS-1) enables patient ProlongedField Care for 72 hours.

CS-1 enables patient prolonged field care for 72 hours. As mission time lines continue to increase and access to higher levels of care decrease, the CS-1 module enables care providers to operate self sufficiently.
It includes several critical items used to resolve common injuries such has respiratory, airway and circulation issues.

The CS-1 is a medical equipment set that supports the prolonged treatment of up to 2 critically wounded patients for up to 72 hours under austere conditions in scenarios where evacuation is impossible.

CS-1 is man packable



CS-1 Prolonged Field Care Pack (PFC-P)
CS-1 Prolonged Field Care Pack (PFC-P)