10 G Low Profile Litter Arm TACEVAC

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NSN 2590-01-587-3869

10.G Low Profile Litter Arms are a lightweight, 10.G load-tested and blast tested in pairs. The 10.G Low Profile Litter Arm, replaces our original 10.G Litter Arm. This modular 10.G system creates a rapidly deployable Casualty Evacuation System compatible with multiple vehicle platforms. FMS Litter Arms are specifically designed to secure (1) critical casualty over rough terrain. The 10.G system can be installed in most military vehicles, providing an immediate CASEVAC mission configuration. One hand capture and release system is designed for use with any NATO litter.

Fielded to US Military


  • 10.G Load Tested in all directions
  • Passed DOD Blast Testing
  • One-hand capture and release of litters
  • Tactile landmarks for use in low light / no light conditions with gloves
  • Patented


  • Provides an immediate CASEVAC transport system inside vehicles
  • Allows for multi-mission interior configurations
6.9 in 17.70 cm
1.5 in 3.81 cm
Length (with Pivot housing)
26.25in 66.67 cm
8.54 lbs. 3.87 kg