FC-5 Combat Paramedic Pack (CPP)

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FC-5 Combat Paramedic Pack (CPP)

The Field Care 5 Module (FC-5) Combat Medic Pack provides tactical field care items for advanced providers.

The equipment in this kit provides operators the capability to provide advanced first aid to casualties according to TCCC and PHTLS guidelines.

·      Procedures:

Tourniquet application

Nasopharyngeal airway

Suction in oral cavity and pharynx

Chest injury


Massive hemorrage

Wound packing

Extremity venous cannulation

Exposure of patient

Basic burn injuries treatment

Hypothermia treatment

Small wound injuries

Acute muscle and bone injuries

Immobilisation of extremity fractures

Eye injuries

Abdominal wounds

Preservation of amputated extremities

Syringes with cannulas for subcut, intermusc., and flushing


Administration of patient equipment and patient protection

Supraglottis airway

Pelvic stabilization & Mass Hem.

Intraosseous infusion, thorax

Auscultation of heart- and breath sounds.

Endotracheal intubation

Oropharyngeal airway

Surgical criothyroidotomy


Wound closure with suture

Blood pressure measurement, non invasive


Weight: 20.1 Lbs

Dimensions: 52"L x 14.7"H x 12" W

FC-5 Module is Man Packable




FC-5 Combat Paramedic Pack (CPP)
FC-5 Combat Paramedic Pack (CPP)
FC-5 Combat Paramedic Pack (CPP)