Cold Stored Whole Blood Parachute Drop

Bloodstone Division LLC has conceptualized Cold Stored Whole Blood and medication parachute delivery systems, based on its core expertise in whole blood product packaging and delivery services to military units, backed by a team of UAV designers and operators. Bloodstone Division has the deep background of real-world experience, innovative mindset, and military medical program experience to provide medical sets, modules, and kits that meet Army requirements. In this project, the Bloodstone Team proposes to develop integrated whole blood modules that can be customized to deliver and recover Stored Whole Blood (SWB) and medications using existing UAS platforms. A preliminary test of a simple drop and recovery mission was conducted by Bloodstone in Tampa, FL in June 2018, and the video can be seen at:

Bloodstone’s integrated modules include cold storage containers, custom nylon load carriage for air delivery and austere environment use, hardware and software technologies to track, maintain, and report cold chain data. The UAS Whole Blood Modules 1 through 10 (UAS-WBM-1 to 10) for medical missions, leveraging prior SOCOM TCCC CASEVAC and Pre-Hospital Programs. The proposed delivery system effort will build upon current, operationally tested, and fielded whole blood containers and enhance them with several new features.