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Single Patient Use Sterile IV Fluid Warmer - Pack of 5

°M Warmers for the °M Warmer System

NSN # 6515-22-631-5318

Part # BSDMEQ10192

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°MEQU has developed an IV-blood warmer for emergency transfusions. It’s a portable fluid warmer which warms up blood from cold to body temperature in less than 10 seconds.

Fast set-up time and intuitive use
The set-up time is less than 30 seconds, and the user-friendly design ensures that the °M Warmer System cannot be assembled incorrectly.

High flow rates and large warming capacity
Blood and other infusion fluids can be heated from 5°C to 37°C at flowrates up to 150 ml/min. One charged battery can heat up to 2 liters of cold fluids (5°C) or 4 liters of fluids at room temperature (21°C) to body temperature.

Low weight and compact design
The °M Warmer System has a compact design and weigh from 3.88 oz (760 grams) making it portable and ideal for prehospital use.

Adhesive for secure attachment close to the infusion site
The single-use warmer’s small size (10cm x 5cm x 2cm) allows it to be attached to the patient close to the infusion site, using its integrated adhesive pad. This secures infusion site and reduces heat loss in the tubing.

Low priming volume - 3.5 mL

No specialized tubing - °M Warmers are compatible with any standard luer lock IV tubing.

Size: °M Warmer 2 in (W); 4 in (L); .75 in (H)

Weight: °M Warmer 3.88 oz

The °M Warmer System is approved for use in rotary, fixed wing, and tilt wing aircraft.