Pocket BVM-PBVM-NM - Case of 20 Units

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Collapsible Bag Valve Mask + NuMask® • Blue Case


• Full 1.6L adult bag valve mask

• Utilizes the NuMask® IntraOral Mask (IOM®)

plus customizable OPA

• Delivers 500-600cc

• Includes 6.5ft of O2 tubing

• Packed size reduction of 75%

compared to standard BVMs

• Can be stored unconventionally

• PEEP compatible

Better Breaths with Reduced Size and Weight

Combining the features of the Pocket BVMand O2 tubing with the NuMask® IOM® and OPA, medics

have an even more compact, lightweight, rugged, and simple device that meets the goal of reducing

mortality among those with potentially survivable trauma.

The combination of these devices offers a superior seal for the delivery of air to the patient, a flexible and

customizable OPA (eliminating the need to carry multiple OPAs), a compact BVM that expands to a full

1.6L bag, and 6.5ft of O2 tubing, all stored in a compact case.

Pocket BVM-PBVM-NM - Case of 20 Units
Pocket BVM-PBVM-NM - Case of 20 Units