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• High performing compact, 2-layer Reflexcell insulating blanket

• Regulates core body temperature to effectively prevent and treat hypothermia

• Protects from cold, wind, and rain

• Viable in temperatures as low as -4ºF (-20ºC)

• Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and vacuum sealed packaging


2-layer Reflexcell insulating blanket, designed for EMS use

Packed Size- 17cm wide x 17cm long x 1cm high

Size when open- 1.1m long x 1.96m wide (fully stretched) x 156.8cm (working)

Weight- 131g

Shelf Life- 10 years


Comprised of two layers of Reflexcell material capable of withstanding blizzard like conditions.

Prevents and treats hypothermia.

400% warmer than synthetic material blankets,

150% warmer than down-insulated materials.

This compact, lightweight hypothermia blanket is an essential survival item of any

emergency kit.

Elastic traps heat while metalized surface reflects heat back to user

• Compact, lightweight, waterproof packaging

• Sustains core body temperature to treat and prevent hypothermia

• Viable in temperatures as low as 18ºF (-8ºC)

• Seals with self-adhesive strip