APLS Rigid Litter Mylar Thermal Guard

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APLS Rigid Litter System

APLS Rigid is a lightweight telescoping portable litter that provides the structural benefits of a traditional military litter, but improves the evacuation and transportation of injured personnel, including in remote, rugged locations.

Weighing half of a traditional NATO litter, APLS Rigid combines a rigid, expandable infrastructure and a highly absorbent cellulose core to form a truly unique, state-of-the-art litter system.

The absorbent core contains and controls blood and bodily fluids, thus increasing patient comfort while reducing the risk of cross contamination.

A treated nylon backing protects against wind and moisture, while a Mylar lining holds in heat and protects against hypothermia.


  • Portable litter includes rigid, expandable infrastructure system
  • Contains up to 1.7 liters of blood and bodily fluids
  • Mylar lining features thermal properties for warmth during transport
  • Eight (8) reinforced handles allow for easy carrying and transport
  • Leak proof backing for additional strength while dragging
  • Convenient reclosable access points improve patient treatment
  • Supports 320 – 350 lbs (145.15 – 158.76 Kg) wet or dry
  • Pocket for medical papers, personnel affects
  • Lightweight, rugged, strong

PART No. and NSN No:

Part APLSV-2276-2RFG
NSN 6530-01-620-2667

Soft Good Replacement:

Part APLSV-2276-SFGD

Litter Refurbish:

Part APLSV-2276SR-RW


  • Package Size: 19" x 14" x 4" (48.26 cm x 35.56 cm x 10.16 cm)
  • Finished Product Size: 22" x 76" (55.88 cm x 193.04 cm)
  • Target Absorbency (H2O): 1,500 – 1,850 grams (Target = 1,700 grams, or 1.7 liters)
  • Pad Thickness: 0.7250" (1.84 cm)
  • Litter Weight: 10.0 lbs. Dry Weight (4.54 kg)
  • Weight Capacity: 320 - 350 Lbs (145.15 – 158.76 Kg)
        APLS Rigid Litter Mylar Thermal Guard
        APLS Rigid Litter Mylar Thermal Guard
        APLS Rigid Litter Mylar Thermal Guard
        APLS Rigid Litter Mylar Thermal Guard