Soft Shell Splint 9" X 4.25" Black (Firm)

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Soft Shell Splint 9" Black (Firm)


SAM® Soft Shell Splint is engineered with the same revolutionary C-Curve™ Principle as the original SAM® Splint, building strength from curves. With unrivaled flexibility, SAM® Soft Shell Splint bends into any simple arc, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive, immobilizing sprains, strains and minimally displaced fractures.

CE Marked

Quick Application*Reusable*Radiolucent*Made in America 

SAM® Soft Shell Splint is perfect for pre-hospital care and patient packaging.
SAM® Soft Shell Splint leverages the revolutionary C-Curve™ Principle to mold its foam and aluminum layers into structural arcs, strong enough for pre- or post-cast care, while remaining lighter and more transportable than traditional splints that rely on heavy, rigid materials. Bend it back into its original form and it’s ready to be remolded.

MAXIMUM-COMFORT SURFACE - Absorbent-brushed terry cloth fabric covers skin-contact surface, providing enhanced patient comfort. 

MOLDABLE ALUMINUM -  Flat, O-temper aluminum inside the splint’s outer layers molds easily, allowing for a wide spectrum of applications.

RADIOLUCENT MATERIAL -  Medical professionals are able to take X-rays and CT-scans without removing the splint from the fractured or injured limb.

SIZE THAT FITS - Full product line covers most sizes needed, including XL and sugar tong products

RESISTANCE CONTROL EDGE - Firm and extra-firm ends allow different levels of resistance to motion, according to needs

Standard width 4.25 in wide, XL 5.5 in wide. 

Models Available:

9” XL 
12” XL 
15” XL 

Sugar Tong Models:

Adult XL