EX-3 Light Lift (LL)

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EX-3 Light Lift (LL)

The EX-3 Light Lift (LL) module can lift large objects weighing up to 30,000lbs high enough to remove casualties trapped underneath. It is capable of being self-sufficient utilizing two portable compressed air tanks. The lift bags may also be filled off a vehicle’s compressor utilizing adapters included in the module.

Module Includes:

2 x Medium pressure lift bag, 22" dia. x 20" lift height,Max. operating pressure 30 PSI, safety factor: 2, Neoprene rubber coated high-tenacity fabric; claw coupler for inflation port, compatible with current USAF PJ Rescue Kits.

1 x Low profile, quarry lift bag 12" x 12", equipped with 1/4" mini safety plug compatible with current USAF PJ rescue kits: Insertion height: 5/16", max lift height 5.8"; Operating pressure 43 PSI, safety factor: 3; Max. lift capacity 3 US tons; NBR coated high tenacity fabric, vulcanized at high temperature under vacuum.

2 x High pressure air cylinder assembly, Cobham 114 cu.in., 4500 PSI, equipped with high flow 2 stage piston regulator, max. output 120 PSI

3 x 10' ultra-light super braid hose with 1/4" FNPT mini safety coupler and 1/4" FNPT mini safety plug

3 x 10' ultra-light super braid hose with 1/4" FNPT mini safety plug and 1/4" male claw coupler

3 x Air bag controller, black anodized aluminum manifold, 2 port 1/8" x 1/4", mini safety plug 1/4" MNPT, mini shut off valve 1/4", adjustable pressure relief valve 20PSI to 50PSI, mini gauge 0-60 PSI, 1/4" MNPT mini safety coupler

1 x Triple air bag controller, black anodized aluminum manifold 3 port 1/4" x 3/8", 1/4" MNPT mini safety couplers, 1/4" mini shut off valves and 1/4" FNPT safety plug

1 x High pressure fill adaptor, 316 Stainless, with adaptor CGA 347 x 1/4"F

1 x Spare Parts Kit and Repair Kit

EX-3 (LL)  is man packable


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EX-3 Light Lift (LL)
EX-3 Light Lift (LL)
EX-3 Light Lift (LL)